Irrational Exuberance

iAsiaWorks Taipei-Neihu, Taiwan Facility

The current status of the iAsiaWorks Neihu Facility is unknown. It was constructed as a state-of the-art 100,000 sq/ft datacenter facility. At the time of construction, it was one of the most advanced datacenters in Asia.

This facility was plagued with problems following it's construction. The local Operations staff believed these problems were due to ghosts. The ghosts were believed to be present due to the fact that a river once ran through the datacenter's current location, and at one point in the past 1,000 years, a woman drowned in that river.

During this turblant time, a local priest was on staff as a contractor to deal with the problem. No customer complaints were ever recieved due to the ghosts.

IAWK Taiwan-Neihu External

IAWK Taiwan-Neihu Security Inside

IAWK Taiwan-Neihu Security Outside

The building's current ownership and usage is unknown. Sattelite imagery suggests it still exists: